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The Stafford SPCA is currently working on building and renovating our shelter and facilities. We currently house cats and dogs at our shelter location, but some of our pets are located in foster homes.

Please see the animals listed in the PetFinder box at the bottom of this page to see all the pets we have available for adoption. We do require an adoption application before scheduling your meet and greet appointment, in case the pet you’re interested in is located in a foster home, and because we are committed to finding forever homes for each and every one of our animals.

Every time you choose to adopt an animal in need, you are a saving a life!

If you see a dog or cat that you are interested in, please fill out the adoption application and return via e-mail to: [email protected].

Or print and mail your application to:
140 Andrew Chapel Road,
Stafford, VA, 22554.

You may also fax to: (866) 522-8042.

Adoption Application Form:  Adoption Application Form

Adoption fees will vary depending on the age, breed and other characteristics of each pet, including whether or not he/she has been spayed or neutered. Please call or see specific PetFinder profiles for individual fees for each animal. Read details about the adoption special we currently have running here.

Thank you very much for your interest in adopting, and we look forward to helping you complete your family!

Adoption Process

Fill out the application completely

  • List every person 18 years and older that resides within the house, even if temporarily living there.
    If you do not own the home, the homeowner or landlord must provide written permission to add the pet to the residence.
  • To speed our screening process, please include all veterinary contact information, personal references and information on ALL adult members of the home.
  • Failure to provide all information will result in a delay in processing your application, as we will need to contact you for missing information before processing can be complete.

Our veterinary reference check

  • Vet references must be listed for any animal that has been owned within the last five years.
  • All current pets must be spayed/neutered, unless there is a documented medical reason the alteration could not be performed.
  • We call your vet to confirm that the animals you own currently or have owned in the past have gotten attentive, regular vet care while under your ownership.

Dog-specific information

  • Dog adoptions require a fenced backyard, with a minimum height of four feet. (Requirements may vary by breed.)  We make exceptions for dogs suited to apartment living without a backyard only in rare circumstances.
  • We do not adopt into homes using invisible fences as the sole means of containment, with no exceptions.
  • Fences must be designed to reasonably contain a dog and keep unwanted intruders or predators from coming in.
  • All current dogs must be up to date on all vaccinations (rabies vaccines are required by law), be negative for heartworm, and taking a heartworm preventative.
  • All currently owned dogs must have an up to date dog license from the city/county of residence.

Cat-specific information

  • Existing cats in the home must be negative for Feline Aids and Feline Leukemia.
  • Existing cats must be up to date on rabies vaccinations (required by law) and distemper vaccination.
  • Declawing of cats is STRICTLY forbidden.
  • We do not adopt indoor/outdoor cats.  Our cats are indoor only except in rare circumstances when we have barn cats looking for homes.

Once we receive your application, please be patient with us as we process it.  We are a small and growing rescue, and we work as quickly as we can with a small but dedicated staff.
After we have run the initial background on your application, we will call you for your phone interview so that we can get to know you, you can ask any questions at all about our process or the animal you’ve applied for, and we can explain our adoption requirements and home visit process.

Your meet and greet appointment

  • Meet and greet appointments will be scheduled at our shelter (or at the foster home if the pet is under the care of a foster family) as soon as possible.
  • We ask that, whenever possible, ALL members of the household attend the meet and greet appointment.
  • Your meet and greet is your opportunity to discover if one of our animals is a perfect fit and ready to become your new forever family member.  Please ask all the questions you have about temperament, health history, behavior around other animals, and any other questions you may have.
  • After your meet and greet, we ask that you take 24 hours to consider the decision, as a family, and that everyone agrees with the adoption decision.  After you have taken time to think about it, contact us to let us know you want to go forward.
  • If you own a dog, and wish to adopt a second, we will facilitate a proper introduction at our facility.  If your current dog has anxiety or temperament issues, please let us know ahead of time so we can tailor our introduction to his/her specific needs.

The home visit process

  • We will schedule the home visit as soon as possible according to staff availability and your own schedule.  In some cases, the home visit may be scheduled before your meet and greet with your new family member; in other cases, it may be scheduled after.
  • During the home check is when we will inspect your fence (in the case of dog adoptions) to be sure it is safe, secure, and suitable for the animal you’ve chosen.   The home check is also when we make sure your home is safe and suitable for adding a new family member. If you have any questions about what we look for during a home visit, please don’t hesitate to ask us!
  • As long as everything goes well during the home check, the remaining step is the finalization of the adoption. Depending on the circumstance, the adoption may occur at your home, when we bring the animal to you for a home visit. There, we will go through the doggy introduction process again to be sure all animals will get along well on their home turf.  We will also provide you with transition tips, advice, and transitional materials to make the transition as easy as it can be for your new family member.
  • In other circumstances, the finalization of the adoption may occur at our shelter, where you will pick up your new family member to take home with you. In that case, we would sign the adoption contract and collect the adoption fee before you leave with your new family member, and we would provide you with all transitional materials before you leave as well. Whether the process will be finalized with a second home visit or with you picking up your new pet will vary depending on your individual circumstance.
  • The adoption will be finalized if we have determined that your home and family will provide a good, loving, lifetime placement for all people and pets concerned.  Then we enter into our adoption contract, collect the adoption fee, and provide all the vet records for your new forever family member.
  • We will bring along a copy of the adoption contract to be entered into on adoption day, but you are welcome to review it in advance.  Please follow this link to review our adoption contract.


  • Adopters agree to take their new family member to their vet within the first 30 days of ownership.  Adopters agree to provide records/notes of that first vet visit to the Stafford SPCA.
  • If not already altered, any animals adopted from the Stafford SPCA must be spayed/neutered within 30 days or by six months of age.
  • Adopters agree to take their new dog to obedience training with a licensed trainer or training class.  Adopters should sign up for class within the first 30 days of ownership, as long as the animal is old enough.  Adopters agree to provide the dog’s completion certificate from training to the Stafford SPCA within six months of ownership.

Everything we do, we do because we are looking for FOREVER homes and FOREVER families!  

Our animals deserve it!

Thank you so much for choosing an animal rescue organization!


Check out our Adoptable Pets:

Adoption Application Form

Have you lost a pet?
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