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Volunteer requirements:

  • After receiving training, volunteers must commit to two shifts each month* in order to remain active in the system.
  • Volunteers must be 13 years old to work with our cats, 16 years old to work with our dogs.
  • Volunteers age 13 – 16 must have a parent/guardian with them at all times while volunteering at the shelter.
  • Volunteer orientation is required, then a hands-on training session with our animals.
  • Volunteers must provide their own, reliable transportation to and from the shelter. Volunteers may NOT be dropped off without transportation remaining on the property, regardless of age.

Can we count on you for 2 hours a month for the next six months?
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Learn more about our training process and details
of our volunteer program at our Volunteer FAQ.

*If you are interested in volunteering with an aspect of our rescue that does not involve hands-on animal care (like fundraising events, lawn care, etc.), this minimum time requirement would not apply. Please email [email protected] if you would like to help us out in ways that won’t require our hands-on animal safety training process.

One-time volunteer events or individual projects
If you are interested in setting up a one-time volunteer event with a group (scouts, workplace, military, etc.), or you are organizing a project to help our shelter (like an Eagle Scout project), please email our Volunteer Coordinator at [email protected].

Community service volunteers
We work with volunteers who need to accumulate hours to fulfill court requirements, or submit hours to a legal authority, on a case-by-case basis. Our community service volunteering program is set up separately from our regular volunteering program.
**We do not send documentation to the courts for any hours performed outside of our established community service program.**
Follow this link for more information on our community service program.

For questions, read our Volunteer FAQ
email [email protected]

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Our Mission...

We are committed to caring for animals in need, educating the community, and putting a stop to animal cruelty and abandonment.

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