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Did you find an animal you think might belong to someone else?

If so, please click the button above to go to our Lost & Found Services page, where we explain in detail the process and what actions you can take to get your pet home safely as soon as possible.

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Our Mission...

We are committed to caring for animals in need, educating the community, and raising awareness of the importance of putting a stop to animal cruelty and abandonment.

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<3 <3 <3 Happy First Birthday <3 <3 <3
One year ago our Celestial Litter was born at the Stafford SPCA. Riley, formerly Cassiopeia, celebrated her special day with a crown and a cake! We would love pictures of any of the other pups from our wonderful adopters. You can email them to Tracy or post here!
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Even though we try our best to find our animals forever homes, sometimes they come back. Moonshine has sadly been returned. It doesn't happen often, but it is always a sad day at the shelter when one of our former residents gets returned. Moonshine has already had it rough in her young life. We originally got her at the Stafford SPCA when she was surrendered to us as a baby, after being purchased in a parking lot. We found a home for Moonshine, and we thought she had moved on to her happily ever after. Unfortunately, poor little Moonshine found herself crated for exhibiting typical puppy behaviors like rambunctious playing and friendly, exuberant jumping. She was returned to us for being an energetic, bored puppy that was left without stimulation and exercise. Moonshine is sweet and loves people and other dogs, but she hasn't been given a chance to learn her manners. She will need a home that will commit to providing her with a daily walk for stimulation and exercise and will help her learn what is expected from her. We're not sure what her breed is, but at about 40 pounds, she's a great size. She's definitely got a little bit of hound in her, but what else she might have is anybody's guess! Moonshine is a very good girl who wants to please her people.
Moonshine turns one in February. We would love to give Moonshine a happily ever after for her birthday.
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## FOUND DOG report ##
This camera-shy pup wandered into a backyard in a South Stafford subdivision, near White Oak, this afternoon. The pup is wearing a collar and was dragging two leashes (one standard and one retractable). The collar has no identifying information.
If you know where this dog belongs, please call the finder at 540-809-9551. The pup is safe and warm for the night with the finder.
Pup is about 30 pounds, long-haired, and a bit timid.
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# Dishwasher needed! #
Our dishwasher at the shelter has finally kicked the bucket after years of hard work. Does anyone have a spare dishwasher to donate to us?
It's hard to stay on top of all the food and water dishes we use on a daily basis without a dishwasher!
We can absolutely arrange pickup if necessary.
Please email [email protected] or call 540-693-2843 if you have one.
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### Found and returned to owner###

### Lost Dog Report ###
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