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Coronavirus: What we’re doing and how you can help.

Updated: July 31, 2020
First, we wish everyone health and wellness in this uncertain time.
Like everyone else, we are closely monitoring the unfolding situation and recommended precautions to mitigate the spread and impact of COVID-19.


For the general public:

Our shelter is open by appointment only. Please call or email us with your needs so that we can set an appointment at an appropriate time for you. (This has always been our policy due to our conditional land use permit and our small staff.)
This appointment only status will help us keep the number of people at the shelter under recommended guidelines.
We have always had an extremely clean facility, and our cleaning protocols have only improved and intensified in light of this current crisis. We are scheduling appointments in order to stay in line with state recommendations to avoid large group gatherings, and to maintain social distancing practices.
Animal adoptions are still occurring as usual during this period. Please click the “adopt” button above to see all of our currently adoptable animals.
We are still taking in donations at this time, but at a more limited rate, depending on the nature of the supply items you wish to donate. Please call us for more details about this if you would like to donate supplies to our shelter.

For our established volunteers:

Our volunteer program is now back open, with a few limitations.
Please use Volgistics to sign up for a shift as usual. We are in high need of volunteer support during this time for essential tasks: cat care and dog walks. If you would like to help us with essential volunteer tasks, please know that you are welcome and we are grateful for you! We take your health seriously, and will be sure not to have large groups congregating at the shelter, and we will be careful to practice social distancing.

“Non-essential” tasks, like cat socialization and dog one-on-one enrichment, are back open for all existing volunteers. Please be mindful when signing up, to avoid signing up for a shift if a number of other volunteers will also be there for that same task.

Of course, if you are under self-quarantine or have a high level of concern about leaving your home, please take a break from volunteering. Our two-shift-a-month volunteer minimum requirement is currently on hold.
Any changes to the volunteer program will be announced via email.

For new volunteers

At this time, we are not accepting new volunteers into the program.
We have to use this hectic time to focus on animal care, adoptions, increased sanitation measures, and foster home coordination. We apologize that we do not currently have time to devote to orienting and training new volunteers.
We look forward to opening up our program to new volunteers again in the near future. Please check back on the volunteer page for updates: www.staffordspca.org/volunteer

We will be opening up our volunteer program to new trainees as soon as it is reasonable for us to do so.

If you want to temporarily foster:

We know that some shelters are seeking foster homes so that they can evacuate their facilities.
At the current time, we are not placing animals in “temporary” foster homes for the sake of clearing the shelter. We are confident that we will maintain a high standard of care, cleanliness, and interaction for our animals.
Should the situation worsen in an unexpected way, we will put out a call for emergency temporary foster homes. If you would like to be “on call” to serve as an emergency temporary foster home, please submit a foster application and indicate that on your application.

What YOU can do to help if you are under self-quarantine: 

Being stuck at home is difficult, and we know your hearts are with us as we continue to do our work!
If you would like to help from home, you can certainly help by spreading the word about our shelter and our current adoptable animals. Follow our social media pages, especially facebook, to receive updates about our work.

Financial donations will be critical as we navigate this uncertain time. We are still providing the highest-quality care for our animals, and so our expenses have not decreased. If you are able to, you can donate financially by clicking here or the button below.
Without financial support from our community, we simply would not exist. Trying times like these bring us closer together and help us prioritize what’s important: the animals who would be homeless or worse without your support.

Stay safe out there.

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