Surrendering Your Pet

Thank you for choosing a NO-KILL animal rescue and rehoming shelter for the adoption of your pet. Our goal is to assist you in finding a forever home for your animal by carefully screening adoption applications and selecting the very best possible option for the health and well-being of your pet. Rest assured, we are not a “first come, first served” operation.

Finding another home for your pet can be a very emotional decision. The Stafford County SPCA understands this and is patient and supportive. Our goal is to make the process a smooth transition from one environment to the next.

Please note that we are a small, relatively new facility, and can take animals in only when we have room and resources available.  Surrendering your pet to our facility often involves waiting several weeks or more.  If you have little to no time to rehome your pet, please see our list of other Local Rescues.

Starting the process

To begin the process of surrendering your pet, please email [email protected] with pictures and information about your pet.  The more information you provide, the more quickly we can process your request.

Surrenders are taken on a space available basis only.

Ideally, you should download and fill out our Canine Surrender Form or our Feline Surrender Form, and email that to us along with pictures.  Emails regarding surrenders should include at least the following information:

  • Your name, address, phone number, email address, and best time to contact you
  • Name of pet
  • Age of pet
  • Breed of pet
  • Gender of pet and if he/she is spayed/neutered
  • What is the reason for surrender?
  • How long have you had the pet?
  • Where did the pet come from? (If you originally adopted the pet from another SPCA or no-kill shelter, please contact them before contacting us as they will likely prefer to take the pet back.)
  • Have you invested in any training?
  • If this pet is a cat, is he/she declawed?
  • Is the pet compatible with cats, kids and dogs?
  • Is the pet up to date on ALL shots?
  • If the pet is not up to date on shots or spayed/neutered, are you willing to bring the pet current and have it altered to increase its chance of adoption?
  • Are you willing to pay a surrender fee for the continued care and feeding of your pet while we are finding a forever, loving home?

What we do

We will contact you after receiving your information if your pet is suitable for our process and if we have space available. Please note that this process can take time, as we often must wait for space to become available at our shelter facility or in a foster home.

Our rehoming process includes performing a temperament test on your pet to determine his/her adoptabilty. We charge a listing fee to cover the marketing we do on your behalf to put your pet’s name and information out into the public eye.  In many cases, we charge a surrender fee to cover the costs of bringing your pet up to date on vaccinations, etc., as part of our process.  Decisions about the listing fee and surrender fee are made individually for each animal, depending on circumstances.

Choosing a new family

Once your pet is officially available for adoption and listed on our adoption sites, we carefully screen adoption applications, checking for criminal histories, backgrounds of abuse/neglect, and past instances of surrenders.  We look for any indication that the potential adopter would not be a good risk or would not be likely to provide the forever home we are looking for.

Once we are convinced that the potential adopter would provide a loving, long-term home, we schedule a meet and greet at our shelter so that potential adopters can get to know the pet, and we can determine if the pet’s behavior, temperament, and needs will be the right fit for them.

Ideally, if you have plenty of time before your pet must be rehomed, your pet can stay with you until we find the right family.  In this instance, potential adopters would come and meet your pet at your home with a Stafford SPCA staff member or volunteer present to facilitate. They will have the opportunity to ask you questions about your pet’s likes and dislikes, and you will be able to give them a glimpse into your pet’s personality that few people get to see.  If they have an existing pet, we will allow the time and space for a proper introduction.

Either way–if your pet is surrendered to the Stafford SPCA’s shelter or foster home, or if you are able to keep your pet until the right new family is found–the last step in our adoption process is the home visit. We’ll schedule a home visit, where we ensure that the home and backyard fence (in the case of dog adoptions) is safe and secure for the pet.  As long as everything goes well at the home visit, we will finalize the adoption contract with the new family and provide tips to ensure a smooth transition for the pet into the new home.

If the adoption fails for any reason, the Stafford SPCA stands behind the pet.  The family is required to bring the pet back to us if they are unable to keep him/her for any reason.  We make a lifetime commitment to each animal who comes through our doors.

Our goal behind every surrender and rehoming process is for a smooth transition for the pet who needs a new home. This can be a time-consuming process, and surrender decisions should not be spur-of-the-moment and cannot be “same day” decisions for the Stafford SPCA.

If you must surrender your pet immediately, please seek out other shelters and rescues in the area through this link.

Have you lost a pet?
Did you find an animal you think might belong to someone else?

If so please click the button above to go to our Lost & Found Services page where we explain in detail the process and what actions you can take to get your pet home safely as soon as possible.

Please click on the button above to help us take some items off of our “Wishlist” by donating the items to the Staford SPCA.

Our Mission...

We are committed to caring for animals in need, educating the community, and raising awareness of the importance of putting a stop to animal cruelty and abandonment.

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