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Coronavirus: What we’re doing and how you can help.

You can provide a one time donation to help support the Stafford SPCA mission of providing care for animals in need. Your generous gift will provide the required funding for the operation of the shelter and allow us to continue educating the community on the growing need for animal rescue and putting a stop to cruelty and abandonment.
We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and all donations are tax deductible. (Consult your tax adviser for maximum benefits.)

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              Below are some examples of what your generous one time donations will provide:

$25  1 bag of premium puppy food
$50  Implant of a microchip and first-year registration with Home Again for one animal
$75  Initial veterinarian check-up for a stray or surrendered animal
  $100    New rope toys, squeaky toys, and chew toys for all the dogs in  the shelter
$150 Costs to Spay/Neuter and microchip one cat
$200 A folding dog crate, leash, harness, bowls, toys, and food to place  one dog in a foster home
 $250 All shots, vaccinations, testing, spay/neuter, de-worming, and microchip  for one cat or kitten
$350 All shots, vaccinations, testing, spay/neuter, de-worming and microchip for one dog or puppy
$400 The prenatal veterinarian care, medication, supplements, puppy formula,  and support for one pregnant dog and the litter of puppies
$500 Emergency veterinarian care for one seriously ill or injured animal
$750 Costs to shelter, feed, veterinarian care, vaccination, Spay/Neuter, and microchip five cats
$1000 The medical treatment of one heart worm positive dog
$2500 The specialty veterinarian care for one animal suffering from autoimmune disorders, allergies, and hip or back injuries
$5000 Specialty veterinarian care for one animal suffering from traumatic injuries received from shattered limbs, severe burns, partial amputations, car  accidents, house fires, abuse, natural disasters, dog fighting, or other causes

How You Can Donate

1.    By Phone: (540) 657-7387

2.    Mail Checks To:
            Stafford SPCA
            140 Andrew Chapel Rd.
            Stafford, VA 22554

3.    Click the link below for an online donation.

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