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Coronavirus: What we’re doing and how you can help.

Egg Roll needs your help this #GivingTuesdayNow! Click here!

COVID-19 hasn’t stopped the work we do to help dogs like Egg Roll. And dogs like Egg Roll teach us so much about resilience and optimism, lessons we can all learn from in this unprecedented time. Please give today to help us care for Egg Roll, and others like her, during this time of crisis.

Here is Egg Roll’s story.

She came to us with a history of over-breeding and bad treatment, bruised and broken physically… but with a heart still full of hope.
She has a very old break in her back leg, one that healed badly and causes her to limp.
She’s covered in scars, with chunks taken out of her tongue.
She’s stretched out and used up from significant overbreeding.

But she loves the kind touch of humans, and gives love freely in spite of what she’s been through.

We knew she was worth the effort for a leg reconstruction. And we took her to our vet to get that process started.

It was then that we were rocked by her cancer diagnosis, with our vets telling us she was riddled with tumors in her mammary glands, in addition to a mast cell tumor on her good back leg. But it hasn’t spread too far to fight.
Egg Roll is a good candidate for surgery, with a good prognosis from our vets that all the cancer can be removed. And once the cancer is tackled, it will be time to tackle the reconstructive surgery that her leg needs.

Egg Roll is ready to fight, and we’re ready to fight for her!

This #GivingTuesdayNow, get ready to Fight Like an Egg Roll!

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