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Christmas has come a little early at the Stafford SPCA this year!! Thanks to some very generous donors, the Stafford SPCA is purchasing its very first storage building!

We have BIG PLANS and BIG REASONS for why we need a storage building like this one (and others). More importantly, we have a BIG WAY that you can help us reach our funding goals to get what we need. 
Please read on to find out what we need and how YOU can help!

Our new shed will look something like this!

We at the Stafford SPCA have needed a storage solution for a while, so that we can use MORE of our shelter building to save animals, and less for storage space.

Our supporters will remember this from November. This flood caused about 24″ of water throughout our entire 500 sq ft (or so) basement. And it made it clear that the time for a storage shed is NOW!!

But after the terrible basement flood in November, it became clear that it was REALLY time to get a better storage solution! To hold everything we need will require a shed, roughly 10 x 20, with a loft ceiling. Moving the equipment out of the shelter not only safeguards against a similar disaster, but it would also allow us to open up another interior room, to care for and save more dogs. And of course, that’s why we’re here! 

After visiting multiple vendors, comparing specs, craftsmanship and warranties, we chose Amish By Design to supply our first storage building. Over the multiple site visits, and working through all the options and details, we met with and spent some time with the owner, Mr. Robert Wise. Mr. Wise and his businesses are already very civic- and charity-minded. Mr. Wise currently sits on a charity board, and supports a number of charities locally, including Stafford Junction, CASA, Capital Caring and CMC (Clothing Mission Center). He even uses part of his showroom to collect and house clothing for families in need. 

It’s wonderful for us to be able to work for Stafford local and charity-minded individual like Mr. Wise! 

We explained to Mr. Wise how tight we are on space, and how many more animals we could help, if we could relocate supplies, tools and infrequently used items into storage. We needed to have these items at the facility, but not necessarily in our limited number of interior rooms… or in our flood-prone basement.

Here are the three rooms, currently used for storage, that will become dog living areas when we have space!
First is the emergency supply room, second is the tool room, and third is the “ISO” room. (The ISO room is currently where our Angel Trees and supplies from the basement flood have found a temporary home.)

We have THREE rooms that we can clear out, if we get the right storage sheds!

Those additional rooms alone can help us save dozens of additional pups each year. We also want to remove the mowers, power tools and other machines from the front porch of the building, and keep them further away from animal spaces. All told, we will need a total of four similar storage buildings over the next year, each housing different items and serving different purposes. Mr. Wise wants to help us acquire those buildings, so that we can save more animals. He has been working hard to put together a promotion to reward our supporters, and to help the SPCA.

That’s where you come in!
Just by purchasing that he-shed or she-shed that you’ve always been wanting, you will help us reach our goals for storage solutions and for saving lives!

For the rest of December, Amish By Design will offer a $200 discount off of any shed, storage building, garage, or chicken coop to our supporters and fans! (That’s double their usual facebook discount promo). They have over 100 buildings in stock right now!
You can also receive your custom order in about four weeks if you order in December.

What makes this deal even better, is that for each shed, garage, storage building or chicken coop purchased as part of the SPCA promotion, our rescue will receive a credit of up to $300 for each sale! These credits will go towards the purchase of our sheds number 2, 3, and 4.
To make a great deal even sweeter, Amish By Design will make a $5 donation for every adult who simply visits their showroom, as long as you sign in on their SPCA guest log. That money can help us cover the costs of materials to build the pads and foundations for our sheds.

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1118 Jefferson Davis Hwy
Fredericksburg, VA 22405


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We are very grateful to Amish by Design and Mr. Wise for the special pricing that he gave our SPCA for our first shed, and for taking the time to come out and visit the facility to help us choose suitable locations.

We truly appreciate his willingness to do something special for our SPCA supporters, and help us afford to purchase more sheds, to open more rooms, and save more animals.

P.S: When you visit their showroom, don’t forget to check out their amazing collection of poly / resin furniture, and chairs, for indoor and outdoor living. (A few are pictured below.) That stuff is awesome!!


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