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Your cat is lost, but…
Don’t panic!

Most indoor cats who escape from a home do not travel far. They are often found hiding underneath decks, porches, etc., or in shrubberies at their home or at nearby homes.
Set out a small amount of food and water very near your home. It is also recommended to set your cat’s litter box outside, as the familiar smell might draw the cat back home.
Speak to your neighbors so that they know to be on the lookout for your cat.

Call Animal Control in the county where you’ve lost your cat in order to file a report. Your lost cat may already have been picked up and brought to Animal Control.
Stafford Animal Control: 540-658-7387
If it is after hours, call the non-emergency number for Stafford County Sheriff’s Office: 540-658-4400. But follow up with a call directly to Animal Control the next morning.

We at the Stafford SPCA are rarely able to take in strays because we usually operate at capacity.
Call us to file a lost animal report, and to see if we have a found report that may match. Or fill out the form below:
Stafford SPCA: 540-657-7387
Click here for Lost Animal Report

Visit our Facebook page and “like” us. Once you’ve become a fan of our page, you can post to the page. Post a photo of your lost pet, a description of the last location seen, and your contact phone number or email address.
We will share the lost report to our page in order to reach our entire audience of 10,000+ in the Stafford community. Many pets ARE reunited this way!

Create a flyer to post around your neighborhood, or the area where your cat was last seen. Be sure the flyer includes a good picture, pertinent information about your pet’s temperament, and your contact information.


  • Call or visit Animal Control each day to be sure they haven’t received your lost cat. If possible, visit Animal Control in person to look through their stray cats, and to provide them with a copy of your Lost Cat poster.
  • Place a Free Lost/Found Pet Ad in the Free Lance Star.
    Call them at 540-374-5001, since they take free ad requests only over the phone. The ad will run for 3 days in the paper and one day online.
  • Search Facebook for the many pages dedicated to reuniting lost and found pets, and post your lost cat there. Also look for found cat reports on these sites when you’re there.
  • Utilize other internet pet finding organizations, such as pets911.com, petamberalert.com, helpinglostpets.com, and many others!
  • Post an ad on Craiglist with a good picture of your lost cat and the general location lost.


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