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Job Title: Volunteer Coordinator
Date Posted: August 4, 2021
Job Type: Full Time
Compensation: $15-$20 an hour, depending on experience

Job Description

Successful candidate will work under the general direction of the Executive Director.  Primary functions are to perform duties under limited supervision, including all necessary work to maintain volunteer databases, scheduling and training of volunteers, and to provide staffing for events and daily shelter volunteer schedules. A successful Volunteer Coordinator will work cooperatively and closely with volunteers, recruiting, training, mentoring, monitoring, as well as disciplining, and terminating if necessary. You will be recognizing the talents and commitment they bring to the Stafford SPCA with the donation of their time, skills, energy, and effort.

Description of duties

Primary responsibilities:

Existing volunteer management

  • Use Volgistics for volunteer management, scheduling, and notification. (Instructions provided during training)
  • Counsel volunteers on shelter protocols and changes.
  • Provide ongoing communication to volunteers through in-person conversation, email newsletters, email updates, text message updates, and social media posts.
  • Handle and resolve occasional volunteer problems and issues, by providing retraining, reassignment, etc., to continue to improve volunteer participation in all aspects of the rescue.
  • Counsel volunteers about the importance of dependability and participation in shelter shifts
  • Supervise volunteers in identifying high priority tasks and following through to make sure all daily, weekly, and monthly tasks are completed
  • Help maintain signage in and around the facility to provide clear direction to volunteers and visitors
  • Provide incentives to volunteers for ongoing service, recognizing and rewarding volunteer commitment and inspiring further commitment

Recruitment and training of new volunteers

  • Maintain content of volunteer page of website to recruit new volunteers and handle FAQs
  • Network within the community to find and establish relationships with new volunteers
  • Attend events to find and recruit community members most interested in volunteering
  • Conduct general shelter orientations for all new volunteers entering the program
  • Conduct (or delegate to qualified volunteers) individual hands-on training with the shelter animals for all new volunteers entering the program

Recruiting and managing volunteer groups and volunteer special projects  

  • Network within the community with local teachers to coordinate Learn and Serve, National Junior Honors Society, Governor’s School and other similar volunteer related club service hours.
  • Network within the community to attract Eagle Scouts (and other youth leadership projects) to complete merit-based projects at our SPCA.
  • Coordinate, supervise, and provide final approval on merit-based youth leadership projects.
  • Network within the community to provide opportunities for Marine groups from Quantico to complete shelter property maintenance and building maintenance projects
  • Coordinate, supervise, and provide support on group projects from all areas of the community

Managing the community service volunteer program

  • Supervise and provide documentation for court-ordered community service volunteers
  • Process applications and perform interviews in order to make decisions regarding who will be allowed into the SPCA community service program, based on the nature of the charges/convictions requiring community service hours.
  • Be prepared to counsel, reprimand, and terminate any community service volunteers who present supervisory challenges to SPCA staff.
  • Provide completion documentation for community service hours to each volunteer who successfully completes the program
  • Coordinate with lawyer’s offices, community services boards, and other appropriate locations to distribute flyers, brochures, and information advertising the community service program to prospective community service volunteers.

Managing the foster home program

  • Coordinate with management to determine which animals would most benefit from a foster home, rather than a shelter environment
  • Advertise, primarily through social media posts, the need for foster homes generally and especially for specific animals
  • Collect and process foster home applications, making determinations on what homes are qualified for our foster program
  • Provide oversight for all active foster homes, communicating frequently with active foster homes to provide high-quality animal care and support
  • Perform home visits as needed to foster homes to ensure quality of care and deliver needed supplies

Secondary responsibilities:

Volunteer event management

  • Attend off-site community events to recruit new volunteers to the Stafford SPCA program, including adoption events and fundraising events
  • Schedule volunteers to provide support for events, making decisions based on volunteer interest and skill level
  • Train and manage volunteers on appropriate behavior, expectations of responsibilities, and how to best assist at each individual event

General communication

  • Answer phones and assist callers with adoption, surrender, donation, volunteer, and community resources information.
  • Route appropriate calls to the Executive Director, and other shelter management as the situation requires.
  • Be prepared to deal with angry callers and react in accordance with SPCA policy.
  • Having a solid working knowledge of primary social media platforms to communicate and engage with potential and current volunteers is essential. 

General donation handling and processing

  • Promote all SPCA donations and giving opportunities as appropriate, with special attention to assisting students in food and supply drives.
  • As needed to assist other staff: Receive, track, inventory, and acknowledge all monetary donations, and “in-kind” donations of supplies and materials in accordance with SPCA policies (as needed).
  • Encourage all volunteers (existing and prospective) to become a financial supporters of the Stafford SPCA, helping to maintain a financially sustainable organization

General shelter maintenance and animal care (only on rare occasions)

  • Assist shelter staff in providing animal care, including feeding, exercising, socializing, basic medical care, transport to veterinary visits, etc.
  • Work with shelter management to set, keep on hand, and monitor minimums for inventory purposes of all medications, food items, office supplies, cleaning supplies, and all other items necessary for the safe and professional operation of the shelter.
  • Assist in the maintenance of all animal medical and treatment records accurately and in a timely fashion.


Minimum qualifications:

  • 18 years of age or older
  • Preferably 6 months experience in animal sheltering and/or volunteer management
  • Clear criminal history
  • Valid driver’s license and reliable transportation
  • Ability to submit to and pass drug screening
  • Must have excellent written and oral communication skills.
  • Must be proficient in Microsoft Office and preferably basic photo editing skills.
  • Ability to represent the Stafford SPCA in a positive manner, by professional maintaining a fit, neat, clean, and professional personal appearance.

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